Google+ Posts embedded

Google just made a bold move with that new feature – something a lot of members were looking for. Let’s have a look first about the result on your page:

Hangouts on Air is a massive and one of the best features on Google+ – Not only for business! I have been a fan of services like EarthCam where you are able to choose a webcam located somewhere in the world and watch the live video feed.
Quick Google+ Photos HowTo

Get your photos online, tagged and shared on Google+ under 2:30mins! Learn and see how easy Google+ Photos really is.
Google New Hangouts

Do you need to be online or is being connected enough? Let's have a look how Google Hangouts are changing the game for messaging.

If you are using a different Google search domain (i.e. instead of your country domain (i.e. and are now forced by Google...
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