You might have heard a lot of stories about TCs in the past couple of weeks and today, I would like to give you some personal information about becoming or being a Google Top Contributor.

What does a TC do?

In short: TCs are helping other members with issues related to Google products. You got an issue with Gmail? Feel free to visit the official GPF (Google Product Forum) and ask your question over there. In 95% a TC is the first one to get back to you and your issue. Even Googlers are answering questions in the forums, don’t be shy, we all are here to help you.

If you need help with a Google Product, the first place I would recommend is the Google Product Forum (GPF):!forum/en
If you are in need for Google+, have a look at the official community here:

Why I’m a TC?

It might sound strange for some but I love to help others. Is it useful to spend time for support? For sure!
Let me give you a short example why it is useful:

Have you ever written or relied to a review for a product or location? See, if no one would have ever written a review, you might have had a bad experience. Reviews or support posts are helping us each day and we rely on them.

I became a TC for Google+ (EN) and Hangouts (EN, DE) since I wanted to have more friends using those products. How can I spread the word for a product I’m a fan of? Help others to understand the difference and they will spread the word for you.
The easiest thing to explain that, is a short story:

A friend of mine didn’t joined Google+ because he was still comparing it with the blue book. I haven’t been able to get him over so I have made a video about how Google+ Photo Albums are working. Not only he but some other friends started to like the idea of how it worked and gave it a try. They were blown away with the ease and functions Google+ is currently offering. Guess what I’ve said? I told you so!

Fanboy vs TC

We sometimes have been called fanboys who like to protect Google and its products with our life.
Well the truth is, we really like Google but we are still different.
Again, a TC is a person that helps you which means he has a good knowledge about that product or even about bugs or missing features.

So instead of saying it works like it should, the TC is trying to help you to solve your issue and if that is not working, he’s going to forward your issue to Google. Google relies on the feedback from TCs and the members. Only if you know whats wrong or missing, you are able to take action.
We know that nothing is perfect, whatever product, brand or service it is but we want to improve it.

Elite / Experts

Some are calling a TC an expert or the Elite of a specific product but personally, I wouldn’t call myself an expert. Why? Because there is always someone else with a much broader range or more detailed knowledge as you and compared to him, he might be the expert and not you. See what I mean?

We don’t act and we don’t feel any better than any other member. Thats a fact.

Fame / Reward

We are not here for the fame which some members have said in the past. We are here to help you.
This is not a competition! If you are looking to compete with others or just trying to get an invitation for the summit – please don’t apply.
It is not about any ranking in forums, how many posts you answer or how many attention you get.
Within the forums or the communities, it is not about me or you or even Google. It is all about the USER. Nothing more, nothing less. The user is the most important part in our life as a TC.


If you are interested in becoming a TC, here are some short suggestion I would like to give you:

  • Be helpful
  • Be a nice person
  • Have fun with what you are doing
  • Don’t be too shy
  • Don’t take things too hard
  • Don’t try to gather attention
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t reply to posts which have already been answered (see #6)

Need to be said

Finally, here are some words I have to speak out as well:

Thank you to all TCs for the great help you offer the members and the help we give between TCs! This is such a great community!

Thank you to all the Googlers that are playing a role in our TC and product life. I can’t name any Googlers or name any positions for privacy reasons but let me say that: Without you, we won’t be able to be a part of that whole thing. A special thank you to my Googlers – you know who you are! 🙂

Thank you to … Google! Thanks for giving us the chance to help members, solve problems and pass on some important feedback. Thanks for the summit which is one of the best things you have done and could keep doing in the future. It gives us so much in terms of knowledge and getting together with other TCs or Googlers than any Hangouts session could do. You sharpen your front row!

Join us today

If you have fun in helping other members with your knowledge in any Google product, please feel free to visit the Top Contributor website today.

Applications make more sense if you have already been active in the past and shown your dedication and skills within the forum or community. In that way, it would be much easier to consider your application.