Hangouts on Air is a massive and one of the best features on Google+ – Not only for business!

I have been a fan of services like EarthCam where you are able to choose a webcam located somewhere in the world and watch the live video feed. It was a great experience to know what exactly is currently happening in that place of the world.

Then there was Google popping up with Hangouts On Air.

We all know how great it is to join in a Hangout with our friends but the really interesting thing that get’s you around the world from your comfy seat at home is, Hangouts On Air.

If you are on the page, you get a list of all running HOA’s (Hangouts On Air).

Just enter any of them and you’ll learn something new. Wether about a stranger you don’t know or the country the person lives.

Let me show you a couple of examples why I’m enjoying Hangouts On Air.

Russian Wedding
I haven’t been to a russian wedding before but it was interesting to see how they are celebrating this special event. I didn’t knew the persons or the family but it was reality TV on the internet. Now I have seen how they are doing weddings.

History class in Japan
Sounds strange but it was great. I don’t understand Japanese at all but it was fantastic to see a live teaching class from a different place in the world. I have learned that it is pretty hot in the class and it is common to sit there with your towel around your neck or use a special square towel to dry your face. Who knew that before? Interesting!

Ritual ceremony
I’m not sure which type of buddhist monks they were but I haven’t seen a ceremony of them before. It was great to listen to them and watch what they were doing. I watched something absolutely different from me, my place or from what I know.

Yoga and Meditation for the mass
I’m not really into that one but again, it was interesting. I have watched a Yoga and Meditation class from somewhere in Asia – one person doing and viewers have to follow. How much closer can you get to the real methods of meditation?

Language classes
Want to learn a new language? Welcome to Hangouts On Air, participate in one of the many classes you’ll find there.

So many more
There are far more and different types of Hangouts than I could post here, example: Concerts, Personal Crisis Hotline, Event broadcasts, etc

Want to watch a Hangouts On Air? Find them here:

Question for you: What are your favourites on Hangouts On Air?