Hangouts vs iMessages vs Skype vs WhatsApp

A comparison of multiple messenger apps

I released a post on Google+ yesterday, with a small comparison picture, and it made it to my most active post on Google+ ever.

A dozen of +1 and reshares so there needs to be some sort of interest.

Within the original image, there were some issues which I’m now going to fix. For anyone who is interested in this chart, please keep an eye on this post here, since I’m going to update this regularly.

UPDATE 04.11.2013

Google+ showed me once again how powerful it is! Not did my post get shared 300 times but there were some great individuals helping to get this comparison translated!

As already mentioned before, I’m going to keep this comparison alive and will post updates in this post, let me start today with translations in 6 more languages!

A massive thank you to all contributors! Want to contribute your language? Just send me a message!

Available translations:

Language Contributor File
Bulgarian DOWNLOAD


  • danvy
  • PofMagicfingers

    Not here to do the Apple Fan Boy, but you can’t compare Hangout with just iMessage. You have to include FaceTime, they work together.

    If you include Facetime, you can then include Phone Calls (Audio Facetime exists since iOS 7), and Video Calls.

    Anyway, even without Facetime, your comparison is wrong about Sharing : with iMessage you can send anything, video, contacts, gif, voice messages (via the voice memo app), location (via the maps app), and even File (in the Mac OS version).


    • Nick Rock

      Hi @PofMagicfingers:disqus
      Thanks for your feedback!
      The comparison is based on the usage of just one app. If I include Facetime, it would be two apps working together. As a user of all applications, I find it more comfortable and easier if I stick to just one app instead of multiple.
      Regarding sharing: I’m again using only the functions which you have right inside the app and not functions which are delivered by other apps like maps or memo.

      • PofMagicfingers

        About sharing, even if you’re only using functions right inside the app : video sharing is indeed possible : when you click the camera button in iMessage, you can send pictures or videos, not only pictures. In addition, if you have a GIF inside the photo library, there’s no problem about sending them. It’s fully supported, and even animated…

        Let me add : phone calls => You just have to tap the info button on top right of the screen, then the phone button….

  • Nick Rock

    Hi @danvy:disqus
    Unfortunately this is not a real SMS. Skype is using their messaging service to deliver a text message via their own SMS Gateway. In fact, this SMS is not really sent by your mobile phone and you won’t be able to receive any SMS within Skype. As you see, its not the “real” deal.

  • scourgemx

    You are missing BBM, for me it’s much better than Whatsup, if you include iMessage you need to include BBM, at least BBm works across all platforms

  • gamut

    Um, Hangouts doesn’t have a Mac client, it has a chrome plug-in — if you consider that separate from Web then you need to make a new category.. I’m on Mac, I have Android, and I consider that client (plug-in), almost entirely unusable. It’s like I’m playing hide-and-go-seek with my IM. Google has ruined Google Talk.

  • Aasim

    Skype is available for symbian though now its not updated

  • Ariel Almanzar

    You can do video message in Skype, at list I have left couple of them… for free…

    Thank you for sharing this message, now I know what’sap… hehehe