A comparison of multiple messenger apps

I released a post on Google+ yesterday, with a small comparison picture, and it made it to my most active post on Google+ ever.

A dozen of +1 and reshares so there needs to be some sort of interest.

Within the original image, there were some issues which I’m now going to fix. For anyone who is interested in this chart, please keep an eye on this post here, since I’m going to update this regularly.

Hangouts Comparison

UPDATE 04.11.2013

Google+ showed me once again how powerful it is! Not did my post get shared 300 times but there were some great individuals helping to get this comparison translated!

As already mentioned before, I’m going to keep this comparison alive and will post updates in this post, let me start today with translations in 6 more languages!

A massive thank you to all contributors! Want to contribute your language? Just send me a message!

Available translations:

Language Contributor File
Bulgarian google.com/+EmilGeorgiev DOWNLOAD
German google.com/+NickRock DOWNLOAD
Italian google.me/+FedericoGranata DOWNLOAD
Japanese google.com/+MasatakeWasa DOWNLOAD
Polish google.com/+JacekNKoziol DOWNLOAD
Turkish bit.ly/PlusFatih DOWNLOAD