If you are using a different Google search domain (i.e. google.com) instead of your country domain (i.e. google.de) and are now forced by Google to use your country domain, this post could help you to workaround the redirection.

I’m based in Germany but usually my search queries aren’t in German language and therefore not relevant to search within the german market. That’s why I have set my browser to use google.com as my search domain. By the way, I have everything set to english, my OS, Browser and Google settings.

If I need to search within the german market, I’m used to click the link on the lower left of the Google search page.

But somehow, since a couple of days, Google is redirecting my browser always to Google.de instead of using Google.com. I even clicked the link “Google.com” but it keeps redirecting me, frustrating!

I have nearly tried everything, checking my settings, editing my cookies and even deleting those cookies – no chance. As soon as I click on “Google.de” it won’t go back to Google.com.


Now I came across a small workaround

I have been told -read the article Google.com automatically takes me to another Google site – to use “ncr” (No Country Restriction) within the URL, which looks like this:


This has set my preferences back to Google.com. Finally.

Clicking on the “home”button of my browser points again to Google.com but as soon as I visit Google.de again, it doesn’t work anymore.

So it seems I need to set my browser to use https://www.google.com/ncr as a default setting.
Currently I don’t know if this has effect on any other settings or disadvantages but for now, I’m happy to use the global search page again.


What about you?

Do you have the same problem or found another solution? Please let me know via your comment and have a great weekend!