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I just had a sleepless night, dreaming of all the bad ads, website and business card designs I have seen yesterday. Honestly.

This shouldn’t be a rant or the pointing finger  but a wake up call.

Whatever you do online to represent your small business, micro business, large brand, your product or whatever should gain attention from others, do yourself a favor: Keep an eye on the details.

I know you are looking for some example but I won’t provide them. Why? Everyone has their own vision of design and look’n feel so it is hard to match everyone, beside this, I don’t want to point on any website or product as it won’t be fair. However, I bet you have already seen poor designs all over the web and at your local store.

Again, it’s not only about websites, it’s not all about the digital world. Have you seen the flyer, menucard, advertisement from your local store across the street? Does it work?

Why it matters

We all want to reach our targeted audience and we need to attract their attention.

Today it’s not done by just having a website or business cards. Today your competitor got mostly one of them as well. You need to stand out and separate from others.

It’s not always about the design, but it’s the first thing that leaves an impression.

In fact, at the first place it is the functionality of your ad or website! A super-duber fancy designed ad or website won’t work if it’s core is broken.

Your design speaks an own language and only you are in control of it.

No need to be a designer

You don’t have to be a designer and you don’t even have to hire a design professional if it doen’s fit your budget. Today there are so many great options available to get several tasks done.

Just some examples:

Note: Some are affiliate links from services I use by my own and recommend.

Looking for a new Logo? Have a look at 99design

Here the greatest resource from Envato market – Huge selection
1000’s of website & blog themes (starting from $5) available at: ThemeForest
Do you need stock videos? Starting from $2 at VideoHive
Graphic Files starting from $1 can be found at GraphicRiver
Need Royalty Free Music starting from $1? AudioJungle
Stock Photos starting from $1 are available at PhotoDune

And if you are looking for a freelancer to design for you, have a look at: or Find Graphic Designers on oDesk

A side note: If you are unsure about your overall website design, I currently have a review offer running: Review My Website

What we should strive for

Better eye friendly designs that speaks a clear language:

Look at me, I’m worth it!

What is your take on this? Do you think it is really that important?

  • Andreas Nadler

    Ich glaube einfach dass gerade viele kleine Unternehmen in dem Bereich Kosten drücken wollen. Marketing-Maßnahmen sind sunk costs. Also wird ein Mitarbeiter da dran gesetzt, der am fittesten in Power Point(tm) ist, dass andere kann er dann bestimmt auch.

    • Nick Rock

      @twitter-92058679:disqus Du hast vollkommen recht, obwohl ich nicht ganz verstehe warum das so ist.Biete ich eine Dienstleistung oder ein Produkt an, muss man sich auch um die korrekte Präsentation kümmern. Das tollste Produkt bring auf einem Flyer rein gar nichts wenn es nicht ordentlich zur Show gestellt wird.

      Hier vermisse ich den Sinn für die Details gerade bei vielen Selbstständigen oder eben auch klein Unternehmen.

      Natürlich sind dies Kosten die man gerne vermeiden möchte aber es ist auch nicht immer nötig gleich etliche 1.000 Euro zu investieren.

      Viele kleine Unternehmen sollten sich deren Präsenz auf dem Markt einfach ein wenig bewusster werden und diese Pflegen.

      Den Power Point Kandidaten habe ich auch schon gesehen, der hat dann auch gleich die Visitenkarte vom CEO in Word gemacht, samt Logo Erstellung 😉

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