Today we find Social Media Marketers and so-called “Gurus” everywhere, the same as we found the web developer niche crowding a couple of years ago.

Tools are helping businesses to follow and manage their own social channels instead of taking use of a Social Media Marketer. You have to sell yourself the right way to gain some attention, it’s time to stand out of the crowd!

So what should you aim for? Clear results.

Sounds quite easy right?
But the truth is, it isn’t. Some marketers fail to find or target their audience and this is just one point that separates the good from the bad. Senseless broadcasts doesn’t help you or your client.

One of the key requirements for each Social Media Pro is the understanding of communication. How does it work? How does the targeted audience communicate? What are they saying?

Let’s have a look with a general example, for sure, you need to modify it to your needs. This should give you only a quick introduction on how to modify your search.

Firing up and try to find just one keyword isn’t taking you anywhere.
Did you ever tried to search for “Social Media”?
You won’t be able to read all these results. Every X minutes a new blog post is tweeted to Twitter with the keywords “Social Media” in it. The same happens with this post 😉

A great marketer knows what he is looking for and how he finds the results.

So what’s the Social Media Marketers Gold?
Targeted and well defined keyword searches across their social channels. It’s not about just getting results, it’s about getting relevant results. Combining keywords will bring you closer to the gold.

Simple example, if you want to be helpful, just try the keywords:
“How do I” combined with another given keyword you want to target.
You will increase the quality of your search results.

For your customer, try to search with combined keywords, instead of searching for “biking” choose “biking in NYC” or take use of the location operator (near:NYC within:15mi).

Only if you are able to filter the right way, you will find it more comfortable in finding your targeted audience and at the end, get the chance to communicate with them instead of broadcasting your message.

Now you should keep in mind, clever targeting is just one footstep closer to your gold – but an important one.

Research – Target – Engage