Do you hear the rustle in the Social Media Jungle?

If you look closer, you find all kinds of Social Media Pro’s, Entrepreneur’s, new Marketers etc within this Jungle. Social Media is growing and growing over the past years and has created many new job’s, needs, tools and niches.

Do you still think Social Media is a fad?

Now, I won’t be able to count all the social media consultants and agencies but believe me, there thousands of them. You most likely find them on LinkedIn within different groups.

LinkedIn, the real business network, is a brilliant network to connect with like-minded business owners, coworkers, companies etc. It allows you to extend your own professional network and take part in several discussions across different groups.

But now, there is something special in the Jungle, something that attracts everyones attention to get us even more closer. It’s like sitting around the campfire, casual talking about social media.

I’m talking about Social Media Examiner’s Networking Club
You should already know Social Media Examiner so I’m not going to digg any deeper. Michael Stelzner was able to create the above mentioned campfire.

The SME’s Clubs are like groups you already know but without one disturbing thing: Ads!
LinkedIn got many groups which lost their engagement factor and have become a place of pure profiling (self-expression). Sure, it is great to improve the visibility of your brand or to prove you as an expert but it does not feel that comfortable.

Social Media Examiners Networking Clubs are currently a bit different and I hope Michael will do his best to keep it at this level. The clubs and the members are just amazing. If you have a question, just ask and you get a lot of answers and not in any sales way!

Most of them are Social Media Pro’s but no one is going to move your question into a sales pitch. And guess what, Pro’s are asking questions as well!

Let’s sum it up: If you are looking for a place to get connected to some people within the Social Media field, do yourself a favor and join Social Media Examiner’s Networking Club. I really enjoy this place.

Hope to see you there!


Last but not least, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!