New Google+ Update: Embedding Google+ Posts to your website / blog

Google just made a bold move with that new feature – something a lot of members were looking for.

Let’s have a look first about the result on your page:

As you can see, comments are included in that post as well – get into the discussion right from your blog post! This is not all, +1 and circling right from that post works as well!

Since you are able to embed any post, it means that only public posts are working. You can’t share a privately shared post.

Ok, let’s get started – the setup is so simple, have a look at these two photos.

Find the post you want to embed on your site and click the small arrow down icon.


Now choose “Embed post”.

The Popup shows you the piece of code you need to insert to your article.

Please be aware of the Google policies at any time.

What about you? Did you wait for that feature for a long time as well? Do you miss something in that current way it is working? Please let me know via your comment!