How to Control Connected Sites, Apps, and Services

Google is not any longer just a search engine – most of you might know that already! We use Google products on a daily basis and many internet users are relying on their Google account like no other service. We use Calendar, Docs, Drive, Analytics, Google+ and so much more.

Beside this, there are tons of other services  and apps available across the internet that rely on information from those products in our as well. We have/had to give them the permission to access our data in order to serve our needs.

This is all good and it makes our life so much easier but do you know which service you have given access to your account two years ago? Do you still use? Are you sure the developer did not sell the project and the access to your data? Now, this is getting a bit uncomfortable, right? It should!

But fear no longer! We will sort the crap out of your list and get you back to safety again.

To get started, please visit this link (you need to login):

After login, you’ll see a screen that looks nearly identical to my one here and it could be a very very long page!



Now on the left, you see the name of the service you have granted access, followed by the different access types of Google.

Depending on the service you use it could be as little as having access just to your Profile information but as huge as Full Account Access.

I have tested different apps and services in the past weeks so my list gets very long here and thats the reason why I visit that page very often. If you are not testing apps or services very often, you could be fine with visiting that page once a month or so.

If you want to remove an app from that list, simply click on the “Revoke Access” button and you are good to go.

Some apps/services might need your permission in order to work properly to deliver you content but they will most likely ask you again for the permission.

Really, think about cleaning up here from time to time, this is important.