sugarsyncFor a long time I have been a user of Dropbox which is a great backup/storage tool in the cloud.

There was just one drawback in using Dropbox: The folder structure

In Dropbox you have to create  a single folder which is taking care of all your files. So if you want to get your files into the cloud, you have to move them into the Dropbox folder. This was not enough for my needs, I wanted to keep my own structure on my Mac.

Just a few days ago I have found SugarSync (referral link) which comes around the corner with some great features. By the way, I have a great offer for everyone who is interested in SugarSync – more at the bottom of this article.

You should know that you have to download a client of SugarSync as well.

To give you a quick jump-in, have a look at their (!) comparsion chart:


The list looks pretty amazing and so far I’m really quite happy with it.

Most features are speaking for themselve so I’m not going into each feature.

To be honest, I could write down a whole manual which would be actual good for my writing skills and comment attraction but SugarSync is really really easy and I found myself quite happy each time I have found a new feature. So I will leave you with your own impressions.

Again, what I really love is choosing different folders and keep my own structure, it is that simple, have a look at the slideshow:
[nggallery id=1]

I just made a clean install with my MacBook and added it to the device list on SugarSync. All folders which I have connected to my MacBook have been automatically created and downloaded. So this IS pretty easy and fantastic.

Everything has something missing in it’s features list and the same goes with SugarSync:

Your files are encrypted on their server via 128bit AES protection only, which is in fact great but some competitors offer 256bit AES encryption. While talking with their support team, they have mentioned that this will maybe upgraded soon. So it is up to you if 128bit AES encryption is enough or not. Before uploading your files to their server via TLS encryption they get already temporary encrypted in SugarSync’s local database.

There are some filetypes not supported by SugarSync / Snippet from their website:

Unsupported file types include:

  • Outlook .pst files (click here for information on backing up Outlook data).
  • Shortcuts
  • Bundle files (Mac OS)
  • Program directories (Windows)
  • Microsoft Office .tmp files

In addition, Windows users cannot sync the entire C: directory, nor can System folders be synced.

SugarSync has also a “Magic Briefcase” which is simillar to the Dropbox folder, it get’s synced everywhere. Other folder have to be given the permission manually. A great thing as you won’t replicate all your data on all devices.

So far that’s all I have found out during the past days.

Now let’s get back to the above mentioned offer.

As I’m a member of SugarSync I got a referral link as well. [Note: Referral get’s extra storage, Affiliates are getting paid at SugarSync] So if you use my link, we both get additional 500MB bonus storage on the free plan.
But that’s not all. Their lowest plan, beside the free offer, is $4.99 / Month or $49.99 / Year for 30GB storage. Now if you use my link, you get 10GB additional! That means you are getting 40GB storage for the above mentioned pricing plan, sure myself included.

The splash page mentions a free trial which is in fact true, on the second page you have the option to choose your 5GB free plan or any paid plan.

I’m not making a big deal about affiliate links but I thought this value is pretty good compared to their competitors.
Let’s give SugarSync a try.

I hope you found a useful alternative here, if you use any other service, please let me know via your comment.