Social Media Marketing , Facebook , LinkedIn , YouTube , Twitter , Engage , Connect , Create , Share , Reply , Follow , +1 it , be social , Blogging , constant , flow , path , targeting , social graph , api , etc

If you read all those keywords and feel a bit confused or got some headaches, than you should follow my small advise.

Today within the emerging media, marketers and everyone interested in the Social Media field have a lot to do to keep up with everything new. We have to find new ways to help our customers, we have to follow-up some trends which we may have missed, we always need to be ahead of new things, we always have to learn and we should never stop.

Stop. Take a breath!

It’s interesting what we have to do to stand out of this crowed section, to be seen and recognized.

But sometimes we are neglecting something very important. Our-self.
At some point you may feel a bit overwhelmed, so much to read, so much to do and so much to learn.
Sometimes you can’t see the Forrest for the trees. Sometimes you struggle with the next thing you are going to do.
What was it? Your next blog post? Getting the quote from the nightly request ready? Responding to the Google+ post? Getting the analytics for your team ready?

If you ever had this feeling or if I’m actually nailing your current situation, then, it’s on time to free your mind to focus again.

It’s not done with a half hour switching off your Mac or PC, it won’t help. Try my little advise on a weekend.

From Friday 2pm till Sunday 9pm

Switch off your phone! NO email checking on your smartphone. Don’t even think about touching your Mac/PC/Tablet.
No status update on Facebook, no tweets, no foursquare check-in’s. Nothing!
Try to avoid using any of them for the whole weekend.
It’s time to focus this weekend only on yourself or family. Spend long days out of your home, take a walk, go to the beach or wherever you feel comfortable.

I know it’s though to ignore emails or thinking about some missed calls but you should find yourself back in a situation where you feel great. And believe me, if you have been at the point I mentioned above, you will see what I mean.

Disconnect from the online world, don’t think about the misplaced QR code you just have spotted on a billboard.
Try to relax and forget the rest for just one weekend or if you could really afford, for a week.

Now it’s Sunday 9pm …
Go to bed! Seems to be early but your body will thank you for this long sleep.

You will see, the world is still there on Monday.
If this was helpful for you or if you have a different way of freeing your mind, please let me know via your comments. Have a great weekend!

Photo credit: daniel_iversen | flickr