We all love Twitter and we all love the ease of using it to login to other services via OAuth.

Each website, service or application is asking for our permission to access our Twitter account. It is needed to read and tweet or analyze our account. Do you remember which application you have granted access to Twitter a couple of weeks ago?

It’s very common to link your social network accounts to some applications, you already did that at least once on Yelp, Foursquare, Pinterest and many other tools.

I’m testing a lot of new apps for the iPhone and I’m joining several new social media websites or services weekly using my Twitter login or grant them to analyze my statistic.

I wasn’t very surprised to see my list of applications I have granted permission to my Twitter account: 63 in total!
I should mention that I’m cleaning up my list once a month after I have finished my testing or review of websites and applications.

While there are a couple of useful apps available, I guess you have some applications on your phone which you are not using anymore. It’s on time to revoke their permission to read, write and/or the “direct message access” for your Twitter account.

Revoke access

Let me show you how, it’s so simple.
Just login to your Twitter account via your web-browser and follow this link

Now you get a list with all applications you have granted access to your Twitter account. If you are testing or using a lot of apps, it could be possible that your list is larger than you thought.



Just have a look at all services and decide if you are still using them or not. If you don’t use any particular service anymore, just hit the “Revoke Access” button and you are done.

After cleaning up my list I ended up with “just” 37 out of 63 applications.

How many applications do you have on your list and do you clean it up regular?